Sunday, May 31, 2009

jie er

friday went 2 serdang hospital for visit...
saw her tears keep dropping..
D painful from her face..
dun cry lo must be tuff
hope get well soon
got some worries about her operation
although is a minor 1..
gambateh o...
lee jie er

Thursday, May 28, 2009

elissa's birthday

we celebrate at secret n had some supprise for that birthday girl
but actually not that supprise.. just normal haha
we prepared few different type flavour of cake for her..
N the gang is melissa, junyi, boey, celyn, cat N me
hope she will be happy n enjoy it
cuz just a simpe celebration for her..
sweet pic...........
wa............ a lovely kiss
D birthday girl....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


me N mich went 2 putrajaya
lucky that we didn't sesat at there
cuz both also dunno D way 2 go
but she was d 1 who drive la
not me

pic at there...

im falling down..

is a nice place.... but was tired that day

Monday, May 25, 2009

D saturday

have a outing with fo N mich..
at 1u.. same place...
not boring 1 meh?
always go there...
got to go kepong from cheras again..
but we have nice food from there la..
Actually this outing just want to hv a met with mr. fo only
D noisy chicken haha
food N drinks in zenmai

at haagen-dazs

being nuts..

after that have an outing with alien, nic, tank, mich kong and etc..
D end

Monday, May 18, 2009


this girl is some1 who hv a same birthday with me
she really hv a correct name
b4 that im wandering wt she gonna 2 wear for clubbing..
i really cant imagine she on a dress
i nvr see before she wear 'this type of cloths'
omg.. she really look different
look sexy n nice

being crazy always llike this.....
she is d only meet is so different n funny
actually really happy n glade 2 meet her
i noe her cuz of a friend
she is michelle kong
really need 2 thx her haha

actually she enjoying wear high heels also
she so cute when she make crazy stuff like this
i will b very miss her
hei!!! dun forget bring me 2 clubbing o
u promised.... haha


feel like long time nvr update my blog...
start my school live at ucsi for more than 2 weeks also hvn mention any of it
i found some new friends but not much 2 hvn reach target yet haha..
i really happy that can find few of them who r same interest with me i.e photography
they really is amazing in taking nice photo
i really hope that we can go around 2 tk different kind of pic
but must learn technique from them also cuz just learning also
do not noe much... haha

really feel happy can find 2 close friend in these short period of time
that is mellisa n elissa
both of them hv nearly d same name
at 1st i really always mix it up
but nw is ok....
sorry about that...

memories ....

Sunday, May 10, 2009


我想我还是不够成熟 还达不到你的要求
我真的没有想的太多 只是怀念你走以后
离开难道真的是解脱 难道真的要事过境迁了以后才懂
倔强说不痛 假装什么伤都没有
倔强抬起头 决不让眼泪往下流
倔强说不痛 假装什么伤都没有
真的不难过 笑着和你挥挥手
如果有一刻 我们有缘在见你会不会想起说过的永远

Thursday, May 7, 2009

what a stupid day

today i park my car infront of d shoplots N just went in 2 college
that stupid thing park his stupid vios behide my car
when i wanna 2 go back
my car is stuck inside
N d most important thing is my hon sudah rosak
omg real shit man............
just sit there wait like a stupid dumm

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1 am

nw is 1am
i saw S blog n see through d blog that wroten for this year
i really dunno need 2 say about wt
but as u say dun let yr feeling towards me 起死回生
actually got abit down when u said that
but i noe i need 2 let go
rather u r suffering at d meddle of d relationship
i noe what 2 do nw..... S
i wont say those manja manja thing 2 u jo
i will just act my side
actually i quit jealous about yr friendship in crazy 4
can be so happy n relax
not like me just noe hw 2 give u problems n worries
im sorry
im sorry.................................
actually u really change a lot
being mature
being tough
being more cool
not only in relationship
also in family, friends n surrounding
this time i will try 2 look all of my surrounding not just behind

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

outing with snowie, jason n ginny

today i drive alone 2 kepong from cheras
actually abit scared also
but i still arrived......
1st i went to mich's house to done some college work
than she fetch us to 1u

at 1st we hv very good time at there
we hv mc, ghost movie n take crazy photo
sweet photoes

pls dont take my ass pic..... ms ginny

being crazy...............................

but d most panic things comes.....
i need to drive n fetch 4 of them 2 hv dinner
omg.... im real sweat at there
nearlly faith..........

than we hv dinner with mich n A
we hv some chitchat at there
than mich n A need to went off early cuz of some emergency

after d dinner i drive back 2 cheras by my own
when im driving .. i cried
i do not know isn't i 2 scared or im sad that A less conversation 2 me
actually i really thought that i can act like normal frinds wit him
but when i saw him. i dun feel 2 speak wit him but when he go,
i feel uncomfert
i can control my feelings towards S but y dun A
hope i can just let go n forget it

Monday, May 4, 2009

1st day at ucsi

today i drive to college alone
went 2 round also no parking
goin 2 late jo
lastly i found a small space for motorcyclist's parking
i just park there to avoid late...... isn't very bad?
hehe. at 1st is eng class, omg damm boring........ gonna sleep at there
im bad luck today
i been choosen to be class leader at english class.
D lecture sure put me a lot of trouble n stuff a lot of things to do
N i cant get off of this......... help me!!!!
but nvm la
today i saw a guy look like陈奕
wa damm leng zai donna faint jor
2 bad he study different course...........

Sunday, May 3, 2009

d last day


Saturday, May 2, 2009


last nite though alien bring us to clubing d...
but at d end went for pub n have some drinks only.
sien............ but nvm she wear a gold high heels to walk around of catwalk to make fun for us.
what a brave 1............

WKG 8664

haha.. finally got a car
omg.... ask me to drive kancil
see also no mood jor.
but nvm easy to parking.
is suitable for some1 driving sucks like me.

distance from cheras to kepong total kena people hon 6 timez.. damm kana sai