Wednesday, December 22, 2010

holiday spend

seems long time that i dint updates my peeps what i'm going on in this period of time
how i spend my time
quite a busy holiday
the 1st thing that i always do is search for jobs
n feed myself
2nd thing is let myself have enough rest cuz after my holiday
i need to get back my sleepless night
assignments only..
3rd thing is get back to meet my friends and have my holidays.

haha.. my life must full of appointments =)

i had meet my ucsi darlings

although it past long time ago
but u all still in my mind ^^

sorry miss mah that i rejected u for shopping cuz i need to work.
hope we can get together soon again.

here comes the fat hippo
from Australia

come to malaysia for vacation

we had a trip at pulau pangkor
with christine, alien and mermaid.
we had a great time, out to the sea
struggle in the sea
scream on the float
exhausted and joy after the gathered.

haha.. we disgust together =_=
sorry that dint have any pics for the trip
all with mich, because she is the photographer
blame her dint upload the pics. lolx

have a meet with yelloz...
with accompany of mich n jie er
chat about the past n current
how's life n so on..
n im still the one who was kena bully~
no changes.. haiz... poor little me

celebration of shuwei's birthday
went to full house, sunway giza

group photo =)

family members~

next holiday,
went to jb n singpore with chris =)
had a flight early the morning
but cuz of the late
we force to bought another ticket
haiz... wasted
but nvm cuz we had a great time also.

our flight ticket... 5C - my class
had lots of foods
famous cheese cake

gui tau kia, taiwan food, goreng pisang, unique cafes
and etc.

hoho... my special breakfast in town
ah pek mian.. said by chris

actually is a kind of wantan mee that taste very different form kl
they use chili sos not black sos
taste gorgeous, like it.

a romantic place, full of lights n christmas deco

here comes the THAT'S CAFE

a good environment cafe

with jess n bunbun

saloon with boutique~

night bazaar

back to kl with cloths, chocolate n biscuits..

koreen food with 2 hungry cat^^

actually is 3 cuz im the 1 who suggest that

have our delicious lunch~ yummy....

like the beef there...wohoo
meet nichole n her bf there.

next section snowflake time
me n mich receive Christmas present form eli
haha.. my 1st christmas present
thx eli^^

my christmas eve
had a crazy moment with the L gang at maison

mich's birthday

went to melacca had layer cheese cake and satey culup
with alvin, arron, alien, mermaid, kent fo, christine , me and the birthday girl

christmas day at yelloz's house

we had steamboat and present exchanged
haha... had a great fun too..

Donald's lover birthday

we went to sunway lagoon
wet n dry ourselves
and fun with Mr. gaga
than celebrate his birthday at game zone.
happy birthday... hope u will be happy always^^

The last day of 2010
we went for hiking at bukit tabor..
with chris, mich, alvin n arron.
what a tired and excitement morning.
up n down the slop
every end of the year are full of suprise n excitements
this is mabel's life haha
steamboat n countdown at alvin house
uno with beers..
happy new year to 2011 and say good bye to 2010



Saturday, December 4, 2010


并没有那 坚持了。

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

life needs

everyone have their own hard time
therefore we must help when people in trouble
especially people who less convenient
who cant work for themselves
hunger with their weak body.