Friday, February 12, 2010

art work

today junyi tak pergi school, elissa went to jusco
sudden dun feel to continue class
ask boey and meli 2 company go leisure and touch up my eye brown
omg... d shape of my eye brown look abit weired..
dunno hw 2 discribe also..
this d 1st time went there and d last time also.
haha... sudden feel 2 do my nail for coming CNY
haha poor little alvin is alone at kl
and he cant find any job in this period of time..
2 bad la u.. become mushroom at home la^^
after nite market with mum, feel so lazy 2 do my nail jo..
so facebooking, check mail, and see blog as usual..
til 12mid nite..
sudden hv a mood do have some art work
brought some accessory and start my painting
red + pink + white flower
wait my nails 2 dry til 3am
shot plak d...

have a done work and i like it
hope they wont been fall off when i go to sleep..

Monday, February 8, 2010


a sentence of words that shows when i open a fortune cookie this morning.
love is perfect, even when we are not..
it really means in my situation now.
maybe im really too stubborn about the pass
about now
about the anger
about the fear
about the hurt
maybe i dont have the right direction to continue my journey
but today elissa gave me that
make me realize this is not really important cuz this is just will make yrself feel unhappy forever
hating her will just make yrself more hurt
she will be hurt, but the worst is yrself
no others
why u wan 2 make yr life so miserable?
i flash back d sweet moments during our relationship
see back the cup that u gave me,the words for me, the pics that u gave me, listen your voice through the cow,smell back the sweetness from d 34 hand made red roses, cutting my nail using yr nail clipper and etc..
we really had a happy moment, a experience..
a memory that u gave me..
n i will appreciate it
experience have good n bad
and love not only have sweetness.. it still including sour, bitter and spicy
N this is journey
i will try to learn and gain more mature
not to fall so easily
maybe im really lack of experience
and thx to gave me an experience

lastly, thx for your company.. eli
love u^^

Saturday, February 6, 2010

this is enough

til now u still wan 2 lie...
i really cant differentiate which is the true
or not even 1 is.
telling me d different things to me and her
i cant accept your greediness.
want 2 leave a good image to both of us..
tell me u don't like her.....
what a stupid thing that i believe
and now is really enough

dont u can think that u can share your love for 2 person
dont think that u r d only 1 to can be the greedy 1
n i wan 2 tell u
im not that kind to allow u to fooling in front of me
dont u think that u can be forgive
im not that generous

n im really disappointed that being a friend of me can out with them n being nothing of it..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Being an idiot..

early d morning facebooking...
want 2 add her as a friend
sudden saw her blog, know was been cheated so much n long..
im being idiot for these period..
haha... even me cant accept this.
make me cant eat n sleep ....
is already 04:40
til nw im stil facebooking..
viewing the sweet comment between them that i dont feel to see.
N i dunno whats the meaning for it..
make myself so disgusting.
just want vomit but nothing in my stomach
feel to eat during d mid nite but i cant eat
it makes me cant focus on my work n study
i dont feel 2 go to class
just skip class.. who cares...
i just wan to drunk!!! no sleep, no eating

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i left my partner

the day finally comes..... N i'm trying to avoid this fact that she is leaving.. a person can chat with me every nite on the phone at least an hour.. to share my happiness and sadness.. N today she was going to migrate to Australia.. i lost a company in my life.. i cant chat with her every nite as usual, no 1 company watch movie, hv lunch or dinner, share secret n etc...
she really occupied a lot of time in my life n suddenly she was gone.. to another country.. i feel so lonely without her.. who i got to call every nite? ans : no 1 will..
today all d buddies went 2 airport go have a good bye for her.. except kengli, hanhan n pek wei
but they all still get a call 2 say good bye also..
almost every1 gave their tears to mich when waiting her to leave..
n d most cry baby is still mich.. haha^^
every1 are hoping that this day would not come.. but at last we still need 2 accept that..
every1 will be unusual without her cuz she is a part of it in our group..
n no 1 can be replace..
every 1 will bless u all d best and good luck..
be happy n lucky..

after that, we went 2 makan..
we went ming tian n get full our stomach..
wai kong n Jhan eu have a competition 2 finish 1 特加麻辣腊肠for each of them..
they total drink 4 glass teh ais after finish that 1 sausage.. n they 2 start to drop tears n sweat..
miss yellow, little alien, mr fo, chicken hong and frog also kena d spicy of sausage..
n my lips turn sausage shape when i kena it..
all is alvin's fault..