Wednesday, June 23, 2010

sweet stuff

normally, ppl who close to me knows that im the person who not really like to eat sweet stuff.
but i do eat in sometimes..
i have been so long that i dint update my blog..
previously, im busying of withdraw from ucsi n settle the paper work stuff
n finding new collage to transfer,
n finally now im at iact.
ppl at there r quite different from ucsi
1st they are all fresh graduated so sometime i feel abit old at there
2nd is most of them are banana, omg
i cant speak Mandarin anymore... T_____T
* luckily not the whole class of bananas, if not suffer man.*
but the class activities at there are better than ucsi,
at least is not that boring.. haha
n more interactive between students n lecturers
n we always have group activities in class that ucsi do not have.
the most suffer thing is i need to wake up freaking early to prepare myself to school,
cuz cheras to jaya 1 is damn jam man..
will jam more than an hour, n usually i always late for class
no matter hw early i wake up
cuz my characteristic is NOT PUNCTUAL
n iact's lecturer are damn discipline
cant late for class if not will deduct marks * damn shit rite*
hope i wont fail my subject cuz i always late.
although iact's teaching plan is much more fun than ucsi, but is quite tired for me also
cuz the lecturer use all the lecture hrs that given
but ucsi normally teach 1 till 1 n a half hr only.
iact, 1 class is 3 hrs..
the most shit thing is the mac lab dun hv Internet connect in pc, so i need my iphone

today went to see toy story 3 with my 20 classmate ^^
have fun with them also, n i had baskin today^^
because is pink Wednesday ♥
i wore pink pants n shoes today^^
so im getting discount for that.. haha

cuz im being emo for these few days,
so i need some sweet things to cheer me up ( elissa's recommend)
so had a high sugar content drink during this morning
n some candies in class
had ice cream b4 the show
n when im back i ate marshmallow^^

so today , the whole day is all sweet stuff.
it really cheer me up when i feel the moodiness from me..

n just finish a call from michelle,
talk for more than an hour like usual
make me feel that im still concern
thx ^^
take care la dear, get well soon ^^ *cares from me*