Friday, July 23, 2010


i know im a selfish person
trying to maintain the relationship between us
trying to give a good impression
but i know i have done something sucks to u just now
n make u damn pissed off
n i want to tell u, i still got feelings towards my ex
n i hvn totally can let go the previous relationship.
n i don't feel to hide this from you.
cuz i really dont feel to lie.

although i have feelings towards u, that i do not aspect,
but when i saw yr moodiness,
i really dunno how to respond,
sorry for my greediness that i fall for 2 person on the same time.
i just need some time for it.

but i really feel fear n down when u dint reply my message
n im waiting for it..

im so useless

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

bad or good luck?

actually today need to have insurance exam, but this morning received alvin's call and told me that postponed to next week.
actually i should be happy to heard that cuz i hvn finish the topics that need to cover although i stay up late night to study..
some more i ate mcd for my supper... gemuknya~
d 2 sucks thing that i met was :
1st: mcd's stuff told me that the mcd delivery service that cover my house area is just until 11pm..
omg.. apa ini!!! force to go drive thru during the mid night.. improve abit la.. malaysia
2nd : im wasting the whole nite n morning to study the question with a wrong ans.. damn it~
cuz of i accidentally mix up with ans sheet for different sample exam question... the the most sucks thing.. i realize it in this morning.. damn it.. im wasting my whole night that memorizing wrong answer.. omg... damn stupid la..
luckily alvin told me the exam postpone, if not sure fail!!!
wasting my time, energy, sleeping time, postpone my meetings, and etc..

after the call.. start my fb-ing
mails n blogs.
that i miss it for last night
cuz im ard awake..
cant sleep when i can see sun lights..
so go search job, gossip in ppl's blog, and re-read your blog..
read back yr previous post, that normally i like to do it
it so touch~
still can make it to feel back those feelings
although i read it for lots of times
n u r in yr collage now.. really miss you
although i know i should not say that..

ya~ n need to thx steffi that stay awake that confirm me that not fall asleep last night.
sorry ...bengkak eyes~ ^^