Wednesday, August 12, 2009


im freaking tired nw
just celebrate snowie's birthday just nw
but tmr im hving my final for cs
N im not prepare
my mind are stuck
my head going 2 burst
physically N mentally are damn tired
2 much stuff need to settle N face during this period of time
im freaking off!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

last wed

a day that i keep eating...
after psycho class...
meet elissa ^^
she tied her hair.. cute
lets take a pic^^
went 2 hv some dessert..
sweet^^ actually not really like 2 eat sweet stuff
but ones awhile is ok d...
went 2 甜不甩
things in menu look nice but d actual taste sucks.. haha
wt ice-cream is this...

i also dunno wt im laughing.. haha==
after our lunch went back for class..
after that is pasar malam time again
omg.. keep eating N im goin 2 be a gaint!
alvin N mich come my house N fetch me.. haha yeah^^
than go 2 pasar malam N start 2 eat haha
meet voon yuanzhi N shu wei sis
than mich hv a urgent call from home N need 2 rush back..
but im goin 2 hv 2nd section
sekwan, ooiooi, shu wei n fa guat come here 2 meet me
that day like meets a lot of kepong friends
really happy^^
finally i saw ooiooi that day
i really miss her
dint see her since 2months
N shu wei 2 haha
thx 4 sek wan N her bf fetch her from subang..
we all hv a walk at pasar malam than go 2 yam cha
happy moment..^^