Saturday, August 28, 2010


Friday, August 27, 2010

mami having scan tmr... hope she will be fine & get well soon..
sorry that i dint accompany u when u needs me....
n let u being alone for these few days at home
no worries.. u will gain yr beauty and health back
i will not fall when u needs me
must take care for yrself..
i really afraid that i need to stand all by my own
u knew that i cant live without u.
no matter how stress or how many problems i had
i also can handle it by my own.
but without yr support
i will not know how to lead and continue my journey..
u r my best friend n mummy,
u knew all my stuff included homo life
u r the gorgeous mum that i ever had
n im proud to have a mum like u
thx god to let me as a daughter of you
i love u , 'mike' ( a weird name that i usual to call her) *likes*

Sunday, August 22, 2010

我三天的快乐 换来你的悲伤

你怎么那么笨。。。 做出这样的傻事
stupid anson young...........

Thursday, August 19, 2010

a day have too many excitements..

1.realize that i contact with the wrong jason
than make me damn paiseh..
some more ask me out for date..
i takut la... friends ok la.. no others ok..

2. found out something interesting^^
get to increase the number of the same line group
wohoo... we r so unique^^

3. is a bad thing
just found out my expenses for this month
omg... i hv ard spend rm2700, and the month still hvn end
i dunno wt mabel jang trying to do..
spend money like tap water..
how she gonna spend over her limits
n she need to get some punishment..
1st, no shopping for her for the next month( september)
2nd, need to go to get herself a job immediately
no lazy at house anymore..
3rd, no outings during the study period b4 finals...

* the surrounding, pls keep on eye on her*

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

is just like that..

today went to night market to buy my tmr's breakfast
n i accidentally drop my phone
ish~ i cant see my screen now..
damn.. i need to survive without phone again..

i feel real bad after i read yr post,
n this afternoon have some conversation with monkey also
talk about ours
she ask me to keep a distance with u, to avoid u getting even worst
cuz if i still remain the relationship now it will may cause u cant able to let go.
but u know..
i cant make it..
u stay a important role in my heart, n will always there..
is not just a ex- partner, and a real friend that cant replace
n u know i will not leave my friends
some how i treat friends better than my other half
but i hope u not to just feel to let the pass go,
and accept others.
cuz i hope u really live happily, n can get a good mate ( if u really meet some1 that really fall for )
not just cuz of yr 赌气...
love u....^^

today done a bad thing..
brought christine ponteng..
went to dessert shop to have 汤圆
we fight for food as usual, cuz we have similar taste n likes
guess who won?
haha.... ofcuz is mabel jang, she always like to bully the person who love her...
ate yam with sesame ball.. nice^^ but the yam not sweet enough ... haha
but is just nice for C, loser ate peanut ball with ginger soup
yuck.... old people's taste
*i hate ginger*
n she forgot her glasses when we leave the shop,
made the waitress ran out to pass her belongings
paiseh lo~ lolx..

ei~ stupid christine... no more jealous...
u r in my post .. so no complains.. =)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

for anson young..

i know u have a hard time for this period
n i hope u can stay strong..
u look damn chan in ekka's picture lo..
go do facial n put more mask^^
pls take care yr self babi..
hippo always not that strong like frog...
so hippo cant learn frog to stay up late night, not to bed
n if any problem must tell frog,
like wt hippo usual do^^
n mabel jang will always there for u...

Friday, August 6, 2010


today no class for me
classmate went for holiday at JB n singapore
left me at KL
kena ffk by boey ( reason: sick)
i forgive
than this morning gave a call to my darling
force her to accompany for whole day
waste her time in saloon by waiting me to finish my hair dye n cut
ok..i have a new colour.. red
but only can see in the bright..
omg... i wan bright colour

my darling done a manicure while she was waiting~
rm30 for pinkish red
u can search for her blog to see updated pictures
cuz she is the photographer today^^
blog :
had lunch n snowflake at subang
meet mandy at there..
*the snowflake kaki*
i forgot to bring my card to chop....
so i cant get the 2 chop for the free item.. ish~
after the sweet time that we had together,
fetch my darling to kajang
finally i got to know her house location..
so this christmas will pergi her house n mess up
wahaha~ elissa wait for us...^^
hope her lips will get well soon..
i see also heartache..
cuz the difference of colour..