Friday, September 9, 2011


im so random~

feel to post something on my blog
that kinda long time i didnt do that too..

cuz of job, homework, outings
i had get usual to sleep late and wake late
and now i can get on my bed
and gone throw peoples blog
i kinda.. miss myself
the mabel jang that keep trying to run as far as she can to succeed her dream
but now i realise i stop
i keep myself private
away from social
izzit this what i want?
im confuse*

Sunday, May 29, 2011


everyone have their own selfishness
so do i have
and i have a serious one
from previous till now
i do not know how serious i am
until now u told me that
Ya.. is true
i have to give my time to my studies, family, friends, work and my partner.
and i just have 24hrs for a day
deduct my sleeping and college time, there are just few hrs remain.
I cant focus all.. but im too greedy
i want to have all of them
i want to have a life that are not everyone have that
but there will not have perfection in this world

i failed to have the perfection life that i want
cuz human always not being satisfy
when they have the 1st one, they always hope the second one
Therefore, the selfishness beginning to start.. because when its start, u will take granted from people who always love you.

im sorry that i have took advantages from those people who love me.
i know im a person who do not deserve being pampered.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

im not a robot

i can able to change my attitude become better towards you
i can give you comfort and confidence when you need it
some how i try my best to enhance our relationship
i try to become a better behalf that what i didn't sacrifice that much before
and for these long period of time
im still not being trusted
i do not know what should i do anymore..
im a human being not a robot
i have feeling to it that what you have said
i have already try my best to done my role play
but everyone have their own limit too..
is ok.. im tired to fight back.
cuz i dont want to be the only person who take it so seriously but the other dont.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


i just want to tell you that i miss u alot.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A day

recently i'm working for canon roadshow
but the event have ended.
before that we are normal as we are
2 days after is like omg..
red wig for 4 of us.
have a great moment with them =)
haha.. real satisfied with this work.. cuz i saw fei lun hai
actually im not really a fan of them
but after their authorgraphy
they really gave a good impress to me..
they are like damn tall..
sad case is i stand too far from them
ish.. what quite a waste..

ya... tried ninja burger =)
is so yummy and healthy..
N is value to eat if u go with a gang of friends.
this is my set lunch ^^

a great day N a great place

haha.. here I'm
u all gonna miss me rite?
have a suggestion for u all..
a great relax place
named Levian.
at KL nearby Pavilion :)

a place special for breads
but they do sell other western food also.
And chocolate XD

spend a whole day at there
have a tea break with MACAROON
it look like colorful burgers with artificial colors
taste like biscuit
but is too sweet for me
maybe it suit elissa cuz she love sweet stuff
it look delicious ..

yummy tarts after ^^

blueberry & strawberry
and a cup of cappuccino..
dinner with thai pasta.. yum yum

N have a souvenir =)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


1st time im waiting for people's call for so desperately
keep calling and calling
but no one answer
checked fb, blog, watsapp and message
but there are no updates and respond
prepared the journey for tmr but
received a reply on tmr morning
ask me go back to bed
i called back
keep calling
but there are no answer

and i realized i changed
turn to a person who knows fear.



Monday, February 21, 2011

Anti social

my blog gonna rusting now!!
i just leave there like long long time ago
include facebook..
im shock that even i didnt switch on my lappy for few days
is like im so outdated
do not really knew that im lazy or lack of time
some how i just use my phone to check my mail n fb notifications only
than log out
not even being busy body at ppl's wall
or chit chat with friends..
even im like so away of my friends' blog that im usual to see them so frequent
besides, i do not hang out with friends like usually what i did.

suddenly i really out of my track..
feel that im like living by my own

i do not know what make me change?
my partner or my studies?
maybe 50 , 50
yes. compare to last sem
i really put more effort to my homework,
stay up late nights just for assignments,
work like non-stop cuz i have few assignments in a week .
and every week have new assignment for me.

previously, while im at ucsi
i always thought that study more in practical will be more fun, easy and excitement.
ya... is quite challenging to me cuz is new to me.
but is not easy at all..
is like no rest for me..
having final exam can last minute
but having practical subjects is like every work that u have done is yr exam
cuz it include marks that shows yr grades
N being not creative that i need to put more time n effort of it..
i hope the way that i have chosen is a right track..
good luck to me =)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011




Wednesday, February 2, 2011

12am of 3 feb

arghhhhhh.... i wash my hair on the 1st day of cny..
hope it wont affect my luck .. cuz going to play mah jeong tmr!!

most of the people are having fun or playing fireworks but i'm rushing my assignments..
tmr mama going to make me up at 9am sharp..
ouch... im going to look ugly on this cny!!!