Thursday, July 30, 2009

rush day

early d mornning need 2 go there 2 keep company with her
saw hannah in her house..
got some dvd problem haha
than prepare 2 training
thought is 5pm rush 2 wisma genting
in jam..
5.30 reach using 160km/h
dint do well in roleplay
abit nervous..

end of class

after our psycho class
a big gang 2 wong kok
hving our lunch 2gather
eat yummy stuff
hving a good time but boey gv more money when d bills come
wrong amount..
pitty 1s
1st time hv shoot with little boey
lets show time..
self protrait haha
4 in 1
others r not interested busy eating...
after eating hv a walk at leisure mall
buy some stuff than went back continue class==

the day after

gonna meet aaron...
cuz he will going back to london coming tues
cant run 4 it haha
old friends..
me N sek wan went there
he N his 2 friends
we hv breakfast togather
they 3 eat
me N sekwan just drink
went 2 his house
just 3 of them stay in a house
need 2 do househole thing
3 guys clean d house N full of rubbish
took off their shirt..
pls look up

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

early d morning

alone go 4 d computing class early friday morning..

melissa went 2 bangkok

elissa dun feel 2 go...


last tuesday

actually im goin back 2 kepong 2 meet arron d..
but finally 3 sapo went 2 1u

in wong kok
in curly hair.. ms sevini
little sapo.. sekwan
d cute 1s haha.. Me^^
so ss..

At toys'r'us..

than when outdoor chatting..
N tk pic^^

the End...


early d morning recieved a call from elissa
N d news is she hv an accident
omg worries start 2 come..
when i met her
she was on a new gold hair
so sharp haha^^nice hair

lucky thing she was ok...
after my psycho class when 4 duty for the charity..N met elissa there than junyi come here 2 play around than go kidnap shaun dunno pergi mana..
haha leave their stuffs at d booth

doin crazy stuff..
thx for donation..
come for charity..

Thursday, July 16, 2009


finish our pro N stat
me N eliss teman mel to go midvelly 2 interview
nw turn me 2 drive
that day got abit jam
i think cuz of jusco member day
when mel ask for d interview
me N eliss went in
i go 4 that interview but eliss no
but i dint get 4 that job
sad.... T.T
but nvm stil got more 2 go
than we rush back 2 malaysian studies class
D day need 2 pass up our assignment
cs done a good job 4 that..
but he dint use my information =(
he just use that 2 pic!!
during class
we self protrait again..haha
that junyi ask want 2 go midvelly?
cuz she wanna 2 buy high heels
than me, eliss N celyn went with her
tumpang dia punya honda civic

wa... so cool hehe
driving post...

celyn hv a heavy eye bag haha^^
mana dia punya blue black haha


junyi finish her fitting come in N joint us
always show wired face.. as usual

junyi show her banana bag

than we went 2 kim gary eat cheese rice.. yummy^^
eliss, celyn n me eat that but different ingredient
that only junyi eat different stuff..

me N eliss toke pic but junyi N celyn continue their food
after filling our stomach continue shopping
that eliss start her sickness ~ take picture, self protrait
after so many shops
at last she bought that vincci 1 haha

saturday Nite

haha... went 4 clubbing at poppy
with 4 nuts
mich, alien, nic N teng teng
b4 that i also dunno can out or not
dint inform parents also
cuz i thought i will sneak out d
if i ask they sure not let me out
but when they reach my house that 2 old lady N man hvn go 2 sleep yet
still hanging around d living room
hw im gonna 2 out!
wait 5 mins..
just went down N open d gate
that 2 old ask we where im going
than i just ans clubbing
omg.. i also cant imagine wt im saying
they stop me
but i just out
dun care haha

silly face
Nic vomiting.. drunk

lets drunk 2 gather

nic was drunk in d toilet n we take pic at outside

pasar malam

8th of july, d last wed
melissa, elissa N me sudden feel 2 eat pasr malam food^^
we r so lucky.. d longest pasar malam in kl is just beside our collage
N there is d famous place that hv the most N nicest food sell at there
we went there.. haha
its really long we used long time 2 finish our journey
kaki also hampir patah haha
luckily i change my high heels 2 sandles
need 2 thx mel's sandles
but really hot at there
keep sweating cuz i wear long jeans
but we still enjoy haha..
we really eats a lot...
having dessert...
me N mel share..
elissa drink 1 by her self...
yummy.. i like this
i bought 3..
mini octopus.. haha

me N mel also like 2 eat but eliss say very disgusting
but finally she ate
N she say taste OK
i think she like that^^

Monday, July 13, 2009


that day i wore a nearly same design dress with elissa 2 class haha..
1st class was computing studies.. aiyo.. d next day midterm but i also dunno hw 2 do flowchart yet... but nvm la.. i just take it easy although im full of question marks.. haha
after d 15 mins of computing studies.. we went 2 lab comp 2 print something
N we met 2 silly guy ~ cat N jenn yuen
N have some silly pic

jennyuen N cat....


as usual.. haha

D next class ~ Malaysian studies..
N stil got planty of time
that melissa skip her algbra class N ask us 2 go bangsar ..
at last me N elis attracted by melissa..
as usual she show d way cuz she is our big sister^^
N elissa drive..
1st time go there.. wow a happening place during d Nite
got alot of nice boutique shop..
of cuz we have some shopping haha..

infront d mirror

self protrait as usual haha
big bear^^

haha im in red sun glasses
like it but dint buy.. =(
omg.. im in this dress..
at stairs..
sexy melissa

finish shopping N we rush back 4 malaysian studies..
late for an hour haha..