Thursday, March 25, 2010


last nite feel some toothache
thought tooth goin 2 rote
today felt that i that my gums keep bleeding
but cant see d blood in my mouth just can keep taste d blood taste when i swallow my saliva
need 2 go for a check up if this continue

early d morning received a call by alvin
he had an accident
maybe 1 month cant use his car for 1 month
poor thing.. cant mingle around.. without a car
maybe he borrow from gay lou and etc.
after that call turn sek wan.
than boey
tell me they all outside
just finish brushing my teeth only n i still in my pyjamas
open door for them 2 come in
let them saw my morning look that without any preparation.T.T

wait for me a moment
than accompany me for lunch..
than go writting class
again... mr. cheah's class

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

lucky day..

before that im busing assignments, midterm, presentations, reports, jobs and etc..
finally nw all are goin 2 finish soon but final is comin.. T.T

today was a lucky day.. found a good car park n meets some friends that seems long time dint meet 2gather and chit chat.
lunch at old town.. having some ladies chat_sex
interesting topic.. porny*
seems like d whole old town noe we are having this topic
than back home but some of them continue class
when i go 2 my car realize that i cant make 2 reverse my car.. T.T
damn kanasai lo.. block d whole road.. luckily got a foreign guy help me 2 reversed my car in a jam of cars..
so paiseh*
N today meet kah ming infront of ucsi but d sad things is he cant see me
maybe i dint put any make up.. haha T.T
walao just finish a call from alvin..
dunno chat for hw long.. listen until my ear so pain..
luckily he said his hp low battery.. haha