Sunday, May 29, 2011


everyone have their own selfishness
so do i have
and i have a serious one
from previous till now
i do not know how serious i am
until now u told me that
Ya.. is true
i have to give my time to my studies, family, friends, work and my partner.
and i just have 24hrs for a day
deduct my sleeping and college time, there are just few hrs remain.
I cant focus all.. but im too greedy
i want to have all of them
i want to have a life that are not everyone have that
but there will not have perfection in this world

i failed to have the perfection life that i want
cuz human always not being satisfy
when they have the 1st one, they always hope the second one
Therefore, the selfishness beginning to start.. because when its start, u will take granted from people who always love you.

im sorry that i have took advantages from those people who love me.
i know im a person who do not deserve being pampered.

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